Mindful Squash Performance: 5-week live online program for Squash Coaches, Athletes, Enthusiasts, and Professionals


New Session Begins Monday July 1st,  7:30-9:00 PM Eastern Time


“I’m glad everyone is improving and pushing forward, very grateful for your support and helping the kids get mentally tougher and more consistent.”  - Karim Shohayeb, Director TOG 365 Squash, coached world #1 women’s player, Nour El Sherbini

"Thank you Todd for your phenomenal work with our players." -Katline Cauwels, Co-Founder, Director and Head Coach at MSquash

“Thank you, Todd. This course has not only helped me professionally, but personally as well.” –Gavin Jones, Head Coach Franklin and Marshall Squash

 "Thank you for a GREAT season!" - Lynn Leong, Head Coach Yale University Squash

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This powerful online course is tailored to squash coaches, athletes, enthusiasts and those who support squash student-athletes. It is based on core concepts from the best-selling Mindfulness For Student-Athletes workbook and training program for sports coaches and professionals which has helped people in more than 15 countries learn, apply, and integrate these mindful and mindset principles and practices into their sport and life. This program will assist squash athletes and coaches in:

 Enhancing Performance

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

Boosting Confidence & Mental Toughness

Improving Focus and Concentration

Developing Unshakeable Belief and Optimism

Increasing Sport Satisfaction & Enjoyment

Heightening Ability to Get in the Zone

Driving a Growth Mindset

"This course is of great value. My colleague and I had a very positive experience and feel that we benefited greatly both as coaches and personally.  We all must work on improving our tactics, movement, technique and individual shots etc. in our sport, but it's the ability to implement those skills during competition that really matters and I can't say enough good things about Todd to help you better understand how to do just that." -Joe Russell, Director of Squash - Cleveland Racquet Club


"I won the Women's 50+ National Championship and wanted to let you know that your mindset training REALLY HELPED ME!!! I was incredibly focused and stayed In the moment." -Former Ivy League CSA player


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What you'll get:

  • Five, 90-minute live group interactive sessions with course creator.
  • All live sessions are recorded for later listening. 
  • Many additional hours of pre-recorded content designed to help learn, apply, and integrate these concepts & practices for yourself, or as you help support/guide these practices with your athletes.
  • Interaction with other squash coaches, players, educators, and professionals from around the world all with a vested interest in supporting the game of squash and its athletes.
  • Interviews with leading squash coaches including Mike Way, Paul Assaiante, Liz Irving, Shaun Moxham, former world #4 Paul Price, and sports psychologists and experts in sports performance and mental health.
  • Weekly PowerPoint presentation slides. 
  • Access to a private Facebook group for program participants.
  • Key Activities/Templates from The Mindfulness For Student Athletes book.
  • Numerous additional written summaries, charts, graphics, and templates to support one's practice or share with your athletes.
  • Dozens of research articles about mindfulness and performance in sports.
  • Certificate of Completion for the 12+ hours of live and online instruction. 

Course Investment:  $399.00 USD

"I was down 10-2 in the first game, and at that point I just slowed everything down and told myself to readjust, and so that’s what I did. I rethought my strategy and ended up winning that game and the next few to win the match. I honestly believe that I have reached a point of consistent good mindsets in matches. It used to be every few was calm and collected but now it’s becoming almost all. Thank You!" - Squash student-athlete coaching client

"I was very fortunate to take part in the Mindful Squash Certification with Todd Corbin, through my position as Boys Squash Varsity Coach at the Hackley School.
I loved the interactive nature and gaining access to the thoughts of some of the top Squash Coaches in the US, was a huge bonus. Todd created a great environment to find out more about myself, plus the tools and guidance to help develop my own skills, with the intention to help my players and family. I can totally recommend Todd’s Mindful Course, and I know you'll get as much out of it, as I continue to do!" -Colin White, Boys Squash Varsity Coach, World Squash Coaching Level 3 Tutor
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Weekly LIVE Group Class Dates and Times:  (All Live sessions are recorded for later listening)

1.5 Hours Per Week - 8 Hours Total Live session Instruction (classes 3 & 4 are extra 15 minutes) + 10 hours pre-recorded content available).

  • Live Class 1: July 1st, 2024 730-9 PM ET
  • Live Class 2:  July 8th, 2024 730-9 PM ET
  • Live Class 3:  July 15th, 2024 730-9 PM ET 
  • Live Class 4:  July 22nd, 2024 730-9 PM ET
  • Live Class 5:  July 29th, 2024 730-9 PM ET

All Monday course times are listed in Eastern Time


Week 1: Foundational Skills for a Mindful Squash Athlete, Coach, or Professional: 

What's a Mindful Athlete?, Introduction to Mindfulness, Exploring the Effects of Stress on your squash game, The ABC (Always Be Competing) Squash Mindset, Mindful Squash Sports Anchoring within The 2B.S.E.T. Model of Awareness, Intention/Attention/Choice, Beginning a personal mindfulness practice.

Week 2: Opening Your Sport Senses—Enhancing Sensory Awareness on and off the Squash Court: 

The Mental T, Squash sensory awareness, Visual Anchor Points, CPR for Choke Prevention, Mindfully Drinking Sports Drinks/Water, Mindful Pre-Game Preparation-Managing Routines, The Psychology of Flow—how to get and stay in the Zone, Research into mindfulness and its use with athletics/squash.

Week 3: Boosting Your Body and Breath—Enhancing Physical Awareness, Stamina, and Creating an Unshakeable Core of Calm: 

Sports Body Scan, Mindful Stretching and Walking the Lines in Squash, Breathing Through Difficult Moments, 8 Ways to Use Breath to Reduce Stress, Body/Breath Grounding Athletic Anchors,TABAFI.

Week 4: Minding Your Mind—Mental Awareness Training:

Increasing Mental Toughness and Resilience, Commitment, Visualizing Sport Performance, 8 Ways to Disarm Harmful Thoughts, Creating Automatic Positive Thoughts, Difference between Command and Control.

Week 5: Emotional Mastery and Developing a Confident Squash Player: 

Emotional Intelligent Squash, Tracking Squash Performance, Positive and Negative Mantras, The 5 G’s Appreciative Mindset, Becoming an Optimistic Athlete, Making your Last Shot philosophy, Creating Positive Momentum. 

“I’m glad everyone is improving and pushing forward, very grateful for your support and helping the kids get mentally tougher and more consistent.”  - Karim Shohayeb, Director TOG 365 Squash, coached world #1 women’s player, Nour El Sherbini


"I have implemented the 'feeling the feet' mindful sports anchoring when I need to recenter. This strategy has had great effects not only on the squash court, but also, I was able to use it in a big exam I had recently. This strategy really worked well." -Squash student-athlete coaching client

"With great online materials and homework assignments to augment the live class sessions, Todd Corbin’s Mindful Squash Performance course introduces players and coaches to a myriad of ideas and techniques to alleviate stress, focus effort, and play/coach squash at one’s best level.  Students will gain an increased ability to stay in the present moment, dispel distractions, and perform in their most relaxed, confident, and focused manner.  Todd’s mindful approach is a great way to prepare for all the mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges of competitive squash."  - Steve Hufford, High School Squash coach and lifelong racquet sports competitor

 Course Investment:  $399.00 USD
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Increasing Confidence and Resilience

Tapping into the athlete's power and presence to improve focus, attention, intention, and ability to get into and stay in the zone.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Improving the athlete's capacity to handle and move past the pressures and frustrations that will arise from competing both on and off the court.

Enhancing Performance 

Creating a growth mindset and more optimistic attitude to help the athlete continue to improve in all areas of their lives.

Meet your Instructor and Mindful Sports Coach

Todd H. Corbin, CPC, is a former multisport student athlete and youth baseball coach, longtime avid runner and sports enthusiast, mindfulness teacher, professional speaker, certified parenting coach, and parent to two teen athletes.

Todd is a part of the Yale U men's and women's squash teams where both team excelled and achieved a top 3 finish at the 2024 national collegiate squash championships. He was also the mindset, mental performance and mindfulness coach at MSquash in NY/CT

He has always had a special affinity for racquet sports and their teachers/coaches.  While Todd was growing up, his mom ran a racquet and golf retail shop that also offered private on-site instruction which is where he learned many of the basics of the games.

Todd is co-author of best-selling Mindfulness For Student Athletes: A Workbook to Help Teens Reduce Stress and Enhance Performance and creator of the online program based upon the book.

 He spent 21 years in higher education publishing and was an instructor at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, OH for 12 years, teaching courses in stress management, peak performance, communication skills, mindfulness, and meditation. 

Todd's been practicing and teaching mindfulness and meditation since 1993 and has taken and studied with many of the leading practitioners and programs in the field including Deepak Chopra, Dr. Daniel Siegel, MBSR(UMass), MBSR-T,  High-Performance Mindfulness mPEAK and mFLOW(UC San Diego), Stressed Teens, and Positive Psychology Science of Happiness(UC Berkeley).


What Other People Are Saying About Todd Corbin, His Mindfulness Programs, and Coaching


"I highly recommend Todd Corbin’s Mindfulness program, it may change your life!” –Marlena N. Hudson, SPHR, Organization Development, NASA Glenn Research Center


 "This course offers a very well rounded, psychologically sound and supportive platform for all athletes, trainers, coaches and support staff who want to enhance their skills working with athletes. The strategies developed in this course assist individual's & athlete's in achieving better outcomes by addressing performance barriers that can often get in the way. Todd's expertise and insight, along with his humble delivery and teaching style made this learning program one I highly recommend." -Carrie Charles, RP, OACCPP
Registered Psychotherapist 
Varsity Athletics Point Person for Mental Health
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON, Canada


"Todd is a brilliant coach, facilitator and speaker. I participated in his Mindfulness for Student Athletes and Coaches professionals program. I was able to seamlessly introduce concepts learned in his course with my AAU and Junior college basketball teams. Thank you Todd for breaking down abstract concepts into easy to understand weekly topics.
-Jason Gant, AAU and Junior College Basketball coach

“We have been very impressed with our son’s attitude and fight. This is a big improvement. He has been so much more confident in himself. Self believe and self-esteem have never been higher. He is making friends, gaining respect of his competitors, and coaches. He's enjoying himself on the court and it's fun to watch him play again. Stellar!”  -Parents of collegiate squash player


"I find Todd's content very helpful when working with athletes at all levels enabling them to reach new heights in life and sports." -Graham Betchart, Mental skills coach for the NBA Sacramento Kings and consultant to USA basketball

"Todd has been working with my high school son, who plays basketball and deals with anxious thoughts and feelings. I'm very grateful that my son has been able to experience breakthroughs, increased confidence and tools through Todd's excellent coaching." -Cressada B., Phd, LMHC 

 “It has been quite clear just how helpful this course has been with my son who plays club football. The course was excellent and having so many simple but effective tangible strategies and practices built into the course that can help him quickly recover from a negative experience on the pitch was brilliant.”   -Janie Grant, High School Physical Education teacher

Mindful Squash  Performance

Course Begins Monday July 1st, 2023 from 7:30 to 9:00 PM Eastern Time 

Course Investment: $399 USD

"This course is of great value. My colleague and I had a very positive experience and feel that we benefited greatly both as coaches and personally.  We all must work on improving our tactics, movement, technique and individual shots etc. in our sport, but it's the ability to implement those skills during competition that really matters and I can't say enough good things about Todd to help you better understand how to do just that."  -Joe Russell, Director of Squash - Cleveland Racquet Club

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