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"I focus on the present, not the past. I stay in the moment." -LeBron James

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Mindfulness For Student Athletes

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Mindfulness For Student Athletes: 6-Week Online Course for Coaches, Parents, & Professionals - New Session Begins Thursday Oct. 10, 2019

Tailored for coaches, parents, and professionals who work with or raise student athletes, the exercises/activities/interventions in this course provide a research-based set of skills to help the young men and women in your charge:

•       enhance performance

•       manage and reduce stress

•       boost confidence and mental toughness

•       improve focus and concentration

•       decrease anxiety and worry

•       increase sport satisfaction and overall well-being

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Private Mindfulness Training for Individuals, Groups, and Teams

“I strongly recommend Todd's program for all athletes, competitors, family members, coaches, and professional personnel.” –William E. Reith, Former US Olympic Fencing Coach and Founder of Alcazar Fencing Club 

"I highly recommend Todd Corbin’s mindfulness program, it may change your life!"   –Marlena N. Hudson, SPHR, Organization & Employee Development, NASA Glenn Research Center

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Clean Your Mental Locker and Get in the Zone

Coaches Corner:   How to Increase your mental toughness and develop your mental game.


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