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"I focus on the present, not the past. I stay in the moment." -LeBron James

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Mindfulness For Student Athletes

"Whether it's to gain a mental advantage over the competition or to overcome performance anxiety, Mindfulness for Student Athletes can be integrated into every facet of an athlete's practice, games, and life."

-Pete Kirchmer, Director of UC San Diego's Center for Mindfulness mPEAK Program

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Mindfulness For Student Athletes: 6-Week Online Program for Coaches, Parents, Educators and Professionals - New Session Begins Oct 13

Tailored for those who work with/support student-athletes, the activities in this course provide a research-based set of skills to help the young men/women in your charge: 

"I find Todd's content very helpful when working with athletes at all levels enabling them to reach new heights in life and sports." -Graham Betchart, Head mental skills coach for the NBA Utah Jazz and consultant to USA basketball

"This course offers a very well rounded, psychologically sound and supportive platform for all athletes, trainers, coaches and support staff who want to enhance their skills working with athletes. The strategies developed in this course assist individual's & athlete's in achieving better outcomes by addressing performance barriers that can often get in the way. Todd's expertise and insight, along with his humble delivery and teaching style made this learning program one I highly recommend." -Carrie Charles, RP, OACCPP
Registered Psychotherapist 
Varsity Athletics Point Person for Mental Health
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON, Canada

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Mindful Sports Performance 101 : 4-week online Mindful Coaching for Student-Athletes. New Session Begins summer 2022

Created exclusively for student athletes, this GROUP coaching program is designed to help the student-athletes Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Build Confidence & Mental Toughness, Enhance Overall Performance and Drive a Growth Mindset. (Includes a personal 1-1 mindful coaching session with Todd)

“I strongly recommend Todd's program for all athletes, competitors, family members, coaches, educators, and professional personnel.” –Bill Reith, Former US Olympic Fencing Coach 

"Todd has been working with my high school son, who plays basketball and deals with anxious thoughts and feelings. I'm very grateful that my son has been able to experience breakthroughs, increased confidence and tools through Todd's excellent coaching." -Cressada B., Phd, LMHC

"Just did your mindful sports anchoring practice with my team. Everyone loved it. Thanks again Todd for your amazing work!" -Ivan Juric, Rush Canada Soccer Academy Boys Coach U-13/U-14

 “It has been quite clear just how helpful this course has been with my son who plays club football. The course was excellent and having so many simple but effective tangible strategies and practices built into the course that can help him quickly recover from a negative experience on the pitch was brilliant.”   -Janie Grant, High School Physical Education teacher

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Private Mindful Sports Performance Coaching or Speaking

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Sport Specific Programs

Mindful Squash Performance: 5-week online program for Squash Coaches, Athletes, Enthusiasts, and Professionals: Begins Sept 27th

This powerful online course is tailored to squash coaches, athletes, enthusiasts and those who support squash student-athletes. It is based on core concepts from the best-selling Mindfulness For Student-Athletes workbook and training program for sports coaches and professionals which has helped people in more than 15 countries learn, apply, and integrate these mindful and mindset principles and practices into their sport and life. This program will assist squash athletes (both juniors and seniors) and coaches in building an unshakeable core of calm, confidence, and optimism.

"This course is of great value. My colleague and I had a very positive experience and feel that we benefited greatly both as coaches and personally.  We all must work on improving our tactics, movement, technique and individual shots etc. in our sport, but it's the ability to implement those skills during competition that really matters and I can't say enough good things about Todd to help you better understand how to do just that." -Joe Russell, Director of Squash - Cleveland Racquet Club

"I loved the interactive nature and gaining access to the thoughts of some of the top Squash Coaches in the US, was a huge bonus. Todd created a great environment to find out more about myself, plus the tools and guidance to help develop my own skills, with the intention to help my players and family.
I can totally recommend Todd’s Mindful Course, and I know you'll get as much out of it, as I continue to do!"- Colin White, Boys Squash Varsity Coach, World Squash Coaching Level 3 Tutor
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Mindful Baseball and Softball Performance: 5-Week online course for Players and Coaches Begins Winter 2023

Join me along with former MLB players Adam Rosales and Brandon Guyer, softball coach and former college pitcher Laura Ramos, and mental performance coach/mental health counselor Jon Gold for this multi-week online program to take your baseball and softball games to the next level.

% of course investment goes to support underserved communities with free baseball and softball equipment through a partnership with Pitch In For Baseball and Softball(PIFBS). 

 "Our son was able to keep his pre-game anxiety way down using the breathing exercises. During the game he found the mindful practices you worked on kept him focused and allowed him to control his anxiety while actually in game play.  I know these tools are helping him already. Thanks so much for all your help!!"   -Mindful Baseball coaching client- Parent of High School baseball catcher.

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Mindful Sports Performance Activity Card Deck

57 Mindful/Mindset/Mental Skills Activity Cards to help you train your mind for optimal sports and life performance.

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A week of mindfulness and mindset training

Join me again in summer 2022 at MSquash this July in Port Chester, NY and SONO, CT for a week of mindful squash performance training

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