Want to perform at the same high level in competition that you do in practice? Todd Corbin can help you, your athletes, or teams have more consistent performance by creating an Unshakeable Core of Calm, Confidence, and Focus


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Core Areas Todd Trains

Creating Calm: Reducing Stress and Anxiety by Navigating Thoughts and Emotions with More Ease

Creating Confidence: Boosting Optimism, Resilience, and Mental Strength/Flexibility  

Training Focus and Awareness to Drive High Performance and Better Consistency  

Mindful Sports Performance 1-1 Coaching

Private 1-1 coaching sessions for you, your child, or your small group directly with Todd Corbin. Click the link below to set up a free intro session and find out more.

“We have been very impressed with our son’s attitude and fight. This is a big improvement. He has been so much more confident in himself. Self believe and self-esteem have never been higher. He is making friends, gaining respect of his competitors, and coaches. He's enjoying himself on the court and it's fun to watch him play again. Stellar!”  -parents of collegiate squash player
"Our daughter had the first clinic since working with you and we went through the strategies you worked on together on the drive over. I am proud to say that for the first time in recent memory, I picked up a happy and confident daughter at the conclusion of practice! One big step in the right direction. Very Grateful!" -parent of 13 year old competitive tennis and squash player.
"Todd has been working with my high school son who deals with anxious thoughts and feelings. I'm very grateful that he has been able to experience breakthroughs and increased confidence through Todd's excellent coaching." -Parent of high school basketball player
"Our son has done really well now balancing school and soccer. The growth in his mindset and decision making has been clearly visible." -Parent of middle school soccer player
Just did the guided mindful practice you created with the  team. Everybody loved it and had a lot of good feedback. Thanks again, Todd! -Ivan Juric, Rush Soccer coach
"Really enjoyed going on this journey of mental skills and don’t know where I would be without it. Thank you so much, Todd!" - Lacrosse and U-15 Squash player
"I applaud how you connect with young men and young women who desperately need mental skills training. You change lives." -Bill Peterson, Baseball Pitching Coach - Pitching Injury Solutions Expert
"I won the Women's 50+ National Championship and wanted to let you know that your mindset training REALLY HELPED ME!!! I was incredibly focused and stayed "In the moment." Competitive squash player
 "I find Todd's content very helpful when working with athletes at all levels enabling them to reach new heights in life and sports." -Graham Betchart, mental performance coach for the NBA Sacramento Kings    

"I highly recommend Todd Corbin’s mindfulness program, it may change your life!"   –Marlena N. Hudson, SPHR, Organization & Employee Development, NASA Glenn Research Center
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HEY SQUASH Players, Parents, and Coaches - Click here for a Complementary (9 Page) Mental Performance and Mindful Squash Practical Resource Guide

Online Learning 

Powerful online classes to start training your mind to compete at a higher level on and off the court/field.

Mindfulness for your Athletes - new session begins March 16th, 2023 

Learn mindfulness skills applied to athletics and performance.
6-week live online course, now in it's 5th year, tailored to sports coaches, athletes, enthusiasts and those who support student-athletes. Based on core concepts from the best-selling Mindfulness for Student-Athletes workbook and training program which has helped sports coaches and professionals in more than 15 countries learn, apply, and integrate these mindful and mindset principles and practices into their sport and life. 

"This course offers a very well rounded, psychologically sound and supportive platform for all athletes, trainers, coaches and support staff who want to enhance their skills working with athletes. The strategies developed in this course assist individual's & athlete's in achieving better outcomes by addressing performance barriers that can often get in the way." -Carrie Charles, RP, OACCPP, Registered Psychotherapist 
Varsity Athletics Mental Health Coordinator
University of Guelph, Canada                                       

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Mindful Squash Performance

Next Session Begins June 7th.  
5-week online program for Squash Coaches, Athletes, Enthusiasts, and those Professionals and Parents who help squash student-athletes. Hear from Todd and some of the leading coaches and players including Mike Way, Paul Assaiante, Shaun Moxham, Liz Irving, and Paul Price. 

"This course is of great value.  We all must work on improving our tactics, movement, technique and individual shots etc. in our sport, but it's the ability to implement those skills during competition that really matters and I can't say enough good things about Todd to help you better understand how to do just that." -Joe Russell, Director of Squash - Cleveland Racquet Club

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Mindful Baseball and Softball Performance 
5-week online program for Coaches Players, Enthusiasts, and Professionals

Join Todd and former professional MLB and Softball Players in exploring how to integrate mental skills into your game on and off the diamond.

 "Our son was able to keep his pre-game anxiety way down. During the game he found the mindful practices you worked on kept him focused and allowed him to control his anxiety while actually in game play. I know these tools are helping him already. Thanks so much for all your help!!"   -Mindful Baseball coaching client- Parent of High School baseball catcher.

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Mindfulness For Student Athletes (The Best-Selling Workbook)

"This is a fantastic workbook to help young (and old) athletes train their minds so that they can attack the demons in their head and build a stronger more resilient self both on and off the court." -Sonya Sasson, author of Ready, Set, Squash and a top U-19 player.

 "Whether to gain a mental advantage over the competition or overcome performance anxiety, this book can be integrated into every facet of an athlete's practice, game, and life."     -Pete Kirchmer, director of UC San Diego's Center for Mindfulness mPEAK program

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Todd talks about Boosting Confidence
Moving Your Breath Guided Mindful Practice

Mindful Sports Performance Activity Card Deck

Bring highly portable and flexible mindful sports performance skills directly to your team, club, organization, game, competition, or practice.

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Thank you for being here. I’m Todd Corbin, a professional speaker, mindful sports performance coach, author, and athlete. I help my clients train their mind and anchor into the moment so they can have higher levels of calm, confidence, consistency, energy, enjoyment, focus, performance, and resilience.


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