How A Performance Enhancement Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner Helps You ….
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A performance enhancement coach is a trained and certified professional who helps you achieve your goals of excelling at a high level in your work, family, school, and/or sports life.  


A Mindfulness practitioner is skilled in the art of living “In the Moment” offering strategies for being aware and staying grounded amidst chaos and in the face of performance and life stress, anxiety, and worry.  


A performance enhancement coach trained in mindfulness offers you and your team or colleagues the best of both worlds… strategies for remaining grounded in the face of everyday life, family, sports, and career stress all the while opening you up to a new larger perspective where you become more curious and insightful, and start aligning to your own unique inner wisdom.


As your coach, I will help you clarify what you want to accomplish, set specific goals and make an effective action plan.  I provide you with support, structure, perspective, mindful awareness, and strategies and tools as we move through the coaching process together.  I am your best cheerleader!  My job also is to hold you accountable for making progress towards meeting your goals and seeing you enhance your  performance and better cope with and even prevent stress.


Mindfulness is simply paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations without judgment in as many moments as possible.  It is noticing on purpose with curiosity and kindness and then choosing your behavior/action.


Two key questions we will explore are what are you noticing and what are you doing, experiencing, and being with what you are noticing.   In other words, Awareness and Choice


Mindful coaching is inspirational, educational and practical. We will discover together how much you already know about how to create enhanced performance and a healthy career and personal life.  In the "need to know" moments, I will provide mindfulness skills training in a practical way, so you can use new concepts and skills right away. Coaching is designed to unlock and maximize your individual unique gifts and performance potential.  

 Mindful coaching is transformational and beneficial.  

The focus of coaching is achieving your goals in home-life, work, and athletic competition, and learning ways you can more mindfully communicate and increase performance.  We will identify specific plans and ways of thinking that will move you towards achieving desired goals on and off the field.   Since our focus will be on the present and the future, we will not, as a general rule, direct our attention to past injuries or missteps. However, an outcome of mindfulness and coaching is often that healing old history does take place.


Contact Todd at [email protected] 


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