Mindful Sports Performance Coaching


How A Mindful Sports Performance Coach Helps You ….

We are used to living in action mode with thinking and doing. Mindfulness training (for on and off the court/field) unlocks a new more powerful mode of noticing, observing, and being.


How A Mindful Sports Performance Coach Helps You, the student athlete, parent, or professional ….


A mindful Sports Performance/Mental Skills coach is a trained and certified professional who helps you achieve your goals of engaging & excelling at a high level in your personal, athletic, and professional life. They are skilled in mindfulness, mental performance & neuroscientific/positive psychology principles. 


A Mindfulness practitioner is skilled in the art of living “In the Moment” offering strategies for awareness of thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and surroundings, while staying grounded in the face of challenge, stress, worry, fear, & anxiety from sports, school, and life.  


A mindful sports performance/mental skills coach trained in mindfulness offers you the best of both worlds… strategies for remaining grounded in the face of everyday life, family, sports, and school/career stress and anxiety all the while opening you up to the latest in brain science and a new larger perspective where you become more curious, and start better connecting and aligning to your own unique inner insight and wisdom.


 Being in the zone, as it relates to athletics, is being in a place where you’re playing a sport at such a high level of skill and focus that everything automatically flows, and you’re in tune with your mind and body. Very little thinking occurs in flow. You are more fully trusting your training and allowing yourself the space to play your best.


  • when you are actively engaged in something you enjoy
  • when you have a solid skill set in your activity that is balanced with the perceived challenge
  • when your concentration is more completely on the activity rather than being distracted
  • when there is clarity of goals
  • when the experience itself is more intrinsically rewarding
  • when you have a feeling of control over the task
  • when you aren’t concerned with time
  • when you are more curious and positive
  • when you’re mindful (THIS IS A KEY CATALYST)

I will also help you/your team/athletes clarify what you all want to accomplish, set specific goals, and make an effective action plan.  I provide you with support, structure, perspective, mindful awareness, and strategies and tools as we move through the coaching process together. 

I am your best cheerleader!  My job also is to hold you/your athletes/team accountable for making progress towards meeting your goals and seeing you enhance performance, connection, and better cope with and prevent stress.

Mindfulness is simply paying attention, on purpose, to our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surroundings without criticism and judgment in as many moments as possible.  It is noticing with more curiosity and kindness and then consciously choosing our behavior/action. It is noticing while you “Have your own back.”

A few of the key questions we will explore are Where am I at?  What do I want/need?  What does the situation need?  What are you noticing?  What are you doing, experiencing, and being with what you are noticing?   In other words, it's a lot about Awareness, Intention, Attention, and Choice (Action) with Insight.


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Former NFL great Peyton Manning once said, “I never left the field saying I could have done more to get ready and that gives me piece of mind.”   Let us help you prepare and get ready to excel in your next game, match, practice, or competition.

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 "I find Todd's content very helpful when working with athletes at all levels enabling them to reach new heights in life and sports." -Graham Betchart, Head mental skills coach for the NBA Sacramento Kings and consultant to USA basketball

"Thank you for a GREAT season! I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the meticulous program you have formulated, along with its intricate details. The sheer quality and appeal are truly commendable." - Lynn Leong, Head Coach Yale University Men's and Women's Squash

 “I’m glad everyone is improving and pushing forward, very grateful for your support and helping the kids get mentally tougher and more consistent.”  - Karim Shohayeb, Director TOG 365 Squash, coached world #1 women’s player, Nour El Sherbini

 “It has been quite clear just how helpful this course has been with my son who plays club football. The course was excellent and having so many simple but effective tangible strategies and practices built into the course that can help him quickly recover from a negative experience on the pitch was brilliant.”   -Janie Grant, High School Physical Education teacher

 "Todd has been working with my high school son, who pays basketball and deals with anxious thoughts and feelings. My son says that Todd has been so helpful with giving him practical tools and is easy to talk with. Todd is so thorough and keeps the parent as educated as the child is. I'm very grateful that my son has been able to experience breakthroughs, increased confidence and tools through Todd's excellent coaching." -Cressada Brilliant, Phd. LMHC, Psychotherapist

 "Todd was instrumental in teaching our teenage daughter skills to reduce stress, enhance performance, and create focus.  As a high achieving student athlete (soccer), she has been able to utilize his exercises and wisdom in both her athletics and everyday life.  We highly recommend Todd to anyone wanting help their student athletes achieve a greater level of success in their athletics and academics.”  -Kelly Markley

"I strongly recommend this program to all athletes, competitors, family members, coaches, and professional personnel." -the late Bill Reith, Former US Olympic Fencing Coach

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