How to Remain Calm Under Pressure

Dec 12, 2022

If you don’t check-in, you make be or stay checked out. 

It is important it is to regularly tune in to our minds, our feelings and thoughts, and to our body, the sensations, signals, and wisdom within.  

 In order to be our best, we need to notice when we are not at our best. 

 I have a process to do this called CPR, like the life saving technique. In this case, CPR stands for: 

(C) Checking-in (Tuning in to your body, mind, and emotions)

(P) Pausing with a breath, or a few breaths, breathing into any area of our body we notice that needs some extra energy. 

(R) Releasing the tension in our body. 

(R) Resetting using our body and/or mind to get ourself more into the present moment. 

(R) Refocusing on what’s important now and what we need to do in this moment NOW. 

Use the CPR process to help you perform at a higher level by fully aligning to the best version of yourself in each moment, especially after getting knocked out of the moment by a potential stressor, frustration, upset, annoyance, pain, fear, or uncertainty. 


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