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 "I find Todd's content very helpful when working with athletes at all levels enabling them to reach new heights in life and sports." -Graham Betchart, Head mental skills coach for the NBA Utah Jazz and consultant to USA basketball


“I strongly recommend Todd's program for all athletes, competitors, family members, coaches, educators, and professional personnel.” –Bill Reith, Former US Olympic Fencing Coach and Founder of Alcazar Fencing 


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Dear Athlete,

Odds are you probably love sports, the competition, and the camaraderie that comes from playing. It can be exhausting and frustrating at times to be a student athlete. A lot of balls to keep in the air! Some key ways to improve as an athlete, as you probably know, are about dedicating time and energy into practice and training. Sports brings with it a lot of joy and excitement, but there can also be a lot of stress, pain, worry, and disappointment, to name a few.

 Like you, I was a student athlete. I played mostly baseball and golf, but still found time for basketball, football, and tennis. I still am a sports enthusiast and an avid runner. I spent many years coaching baseball. I am what I would call a "stress expert," coach, and mindful motivator. I teach many of the skills in this book to student athletes because I know how beneficial it is to learn to stay in the moment, not get carried away by your thoughts or emotions, or with things you can't control.

Here's what you can gain from working with a stress expert and performance coach trained in mindfulness:

  •      Reduce the impact that stress and anxiety have on your performance
  •      Boost your confidence, optimism, and mental toughness
  •      Increase your ability to get into and stay in  “The Zone”
  •      Calm your mind (Command Poise) to gain advantage on and off the field/court
  •      Gain more Command and awareness of your actions and emotions
  •      Enhance performance
  •      Drive a Growth Mindset

Former NFL great Peyton Manning once said, “I never left the field saying I could have done more to get ready and that gives me piece of mind.”   Let us help you prepare and get ready to excel in your next game, match, practice, or competition.


Dear Coaches, Parents and Professionals,

Today, there is growing pressure for student athletes to succeed in all areas of their lives--not only at school and at home. It is challenging for adults to work with youth who are constantly being distracted and pulled in so many different directions. Time is often in short supply for coaches, parents, and the like, to instill and teach needed athletic and life skills. This is made even more difficult in a social media filled world where social comparisons are ever present.

Student athletes have to manage many unique challenges associated with being a student athlete--to manage their health and safety, expectations put on them by others and themselves, parent/coach conflict, training time, financial burdens, and scheduling, to name a few. These can lead to a unique set of stressors for the athlete and for those involved.

 These programs  are designed as a supplemental resource to help your student athlete(s) better navigate the stresses, pressures, pain, and suffering that can arise from playing and practicing competitive sports. As you and your student athletes start to work with us, you will  gain valuable insights to reduce the stress and worries that come from playing competitive sports, coaching, parenting, and/or working with youth.

 The activities we teach are tailored for student athletes and provide a research-based set of skills to:

-Enhance performance,

-Manage stress,

-Increase sport satisfaction,

-Boost confidence

-Reduce stresses, and

-Decrease worries, and anxiety


We help provide student athletes with the basic foundations, principles, and skills to learn more about stress, stress reduction, and mindfulness. They are aimed at the student athlete to get a better grasp of their own stress, how they manage stress, and asks them to consider some of the reasons and motivations they compete and play sports. 

We focus on beneficial and crucial skills for any student athlete to learn. These skills have the potential to provide athletes with a competitive edge. These activities focus on the physiological and psychological aspects of personal growth and development. They key in on those areas that help build mental toughness, sports confidence, emotional control, focus, positive attitudes of mind, good sportsmanship, and self-awareness

We wish you all the best on your quest of teaching the young men and women in your charge to be confident, resourceful, resilient, compassionate, and thoughtful student athletes.

 For More Information, please contact us at [email protected]



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