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About Todd

Labeled learning disabled in first grade, Todd Corbin grew up with tremendously low self-esteem causing years of devastating social and emotional impact.  Now a certified parent consultant and educational resource, Todd speaks professionally to and coaches teachers, students, and parents on ways of using life experience, emotional literacy, and perspective to positively transform present moment awareness.

Todd is creator of the concept of HIGHLIGHTING.  This is our ability to start paying attention to what and how we are paying attention.  This skill of reflection or mindful attention leads to an inner core ability to overcome life’s obstacles.

Todd also developed the HOMEworking models for Parents, Teachers, and Kids which helps each person build an inner foundation of resilience and compassion.  The HOME in HOMEworking stands for Honoring Ourselves through Mindful Education.  Todd has been practicing and teaching mindfulness/meditation since 1994, integrating the 2,600 year old wisdom with the most current research into areas of the mind, brain, and social and emotional learning.

Todd recently completed two formal training programs in mindfulness.  The first was a series of courses with Daniel J. Siegel, MD who is the founder and director of the Mindsight Institute.  The second was a course focused on teaching mindfulness to children and teens led by Dr. Amy Saltzman who  is the founder and director of Still Quiet Place and the Association for Mindfulness in Education.

Todd received extensive training directly from  self-help leaders Deepak Chopra and Neale Donald Walsch, and as a result, created a curriculum for children based on their teachings and Todd’s insights that was taught at the Chopra Center in Calsbad, CA.

Todd is a certified parenting coach/consultant by the Academy for Coaching Parents International with an emphasis in serving families of children with special needs and/or sensory processing and learning differences.  He is also a certified level 2  practitioner in Awesomism, a cutting edge program created by Speech Language Pathologist, Suzy Miller, for communicating with and understanding children (especially those on the spectrum like Todd’s youngest son) at a deeper level.  The main premise of Awesomism, like mindfulness, is that the more aligned to self and aware one is, the more meaningful one’s life experiences.  When this happens, awareness and the ability to communicate at all levels is enhanced.


Todd with Deepak Chopra

Having spent over twenty-one years working for the world’s leading educational publishers afforded Todd access to thousands of teachers/professors in colleges and schools across the country.  Todd conducted workshops for and interviewed hundreds of teachers/professors finding out specifically what they were doing to help students learn more effectively in and out of the classroom.  Since 1997, Todd has also been an instructor at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio, teaching courses in stress management, personal growth, communication skills, and mindful parenting and teaching.

Todd resides in Shaker Heights, Ohio, with his wife and his two awesome elementary school age boys.











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